Many times a client will come into my office and ask me, “What can child support be used on? I’m worried that my former spouse is going to use my child support to get her hair done, or get her nails done, or buy clothes for herself.”


The Straight-Forward Answer


The simple answer is that once you have paid that child support payment, you really cannot dictate or determine what the money is going to be used for. The courts look at the income of both the parties as a whole. Based on the timeshare and the income of the parties, the court will determine what the child support amount is going to be. Child support is intended to cover the basic needs of the child. This includes shelter, so the payment of rent, food and clothing for the minor child.


Child Support Add-ons  


Once the parent pays support to the other parent, they do not have a say in how that money is spent because it is considered to go to the general household needs of the child. It is paid directly to the receiving parent and generally is combined with the income that the other parent receives from all sources. There are additional costs for the children that may be add-ons to support, such as extracurricular activities or uninsured medical costs.

These payments are to be made directly for that service. If you have a child in daycare and you have a child support number, including those add-ons, the amount ordered for daycare would be paid for daycare. If you are paying support based on uninsured medical costs, that portion of the support would be reimbursing the other parent for the expenses or will be paid towards outstanding medical bills.

Both parents are equally responsible for supporting the children. If we have a parent who is underemployed or has quit their job in order to receive more money, you may wish to go in and seek to have the court impute some sort of income for the purposes of child support. 


If you have any questions about where your money is going or what you can do with the money you are receiving, shoot us over an email or give us a call.