Generally, before filing for divorce in California, you must meet residency requirements. This means that you must be a resident of California for at least six months prior to filing for divorce and you must also be a resident of the county that you’re filing for in California for at least three months before filing for divorce in that specific county. For service members, you can be stationed in California or you can be stationed outside of California but maintain your California residency to establish residency and fulfill the Jurisdiction requirement. 


In order to establish jurisdiction, the next steps after filing for a petition is to personally serve the other party. If your spouse is in the military, you must personally serve the service member before proceeding in the Divorce case. If you know where that service member is located, then you can hire a process server who will assist in getting the service member served. If you’re not certain as to where the service member is located, then you may need to contact the base services locator depending on the branch of service that your spouse is in. Each branch has its own regulations in terms of service of court documents. If the service member is located overseas or deployed, it may be very difficult to locate them and have them served and it could take several weeks. However, with the use of a skilled process server or private detective, we are able to obtain the necessary information to move forward with the Divorce. 


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