Attorney Patricia C. Van Haren has recently authored the book, how to file and Survive a Divorce in California. You can get your copy of this book now on Amazon in print or kindle form.

Who Is This Book For? What Do You Want Your Readers To Get From This Book?

This book is for anyone who is contemplating divorce or in the divorce process. I intend to give reliable legal information, guidance, and assistance to readers so that they can get through the divorce process with the least amount of damage. By the time my clients come to me, I often find that they have made bad decisions or taken bad advice from friends or family members, such that a lot of my work is damage control.

I want to prevent people from unknowingly damaging their case before they file for divorce, or to take corrective measures during the process to protect themselves. People try to find information online, but the fact is that Google is a dangerous place to find information because it is not state-specific, and does not stay updated in changes in the law. Further, online searches are not a substitute for legal advice.

Although family law is emotionally charged, the reality is that all of the choices made, and all of the orders made by Judges, are business decisions. If someone is armed with knowledge and facts, they will be able to make informed and logical business decisions during their divorce process.

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