Guideline child support is calculated based on timeshare, income, or earning capacity of the parties. In addition to the guideline child support, parents may be responsible for one half of mutually agreed upon extracurricular activities for the children. If the parents are employed or in school full time, then the cost for Daycare will be an add on when calculating child support. Each parent is responsible for one-half of all expenses for childcare which allows the parent to work or attend school in order to increase their earning capacity. 


Depending on what you agreed to in your stipulated judgment or orders made by the Court, child support may already include the daycare expenses or you and your spouse may have already agreed that each will pay one half of the expenses for daycare. Child support goes toward the day to day living expenses for the children, which includes food, clothing, shelter, and activities. 


If you had not previously worked when the child support orders were made and daycare was not an add on expense, you and your spouse may come to an agreement as to the shared cost of the expenses for daycare. Otherwise, your attorney may file a Request for Order so that your former spouse will be responsible for one half of the costs . 


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