How is Child Support Calculated?

Child support is calculated based on timeshare and the income, or earning capacities, of the parties. Many people wonder what timeshare means.  Timeshare is the amount of time the child is physically residing with each parent. If the child spends 50 percent of time with each parent, this will affect the amount that each or one parent will receive.



If both parties share custody equally, and one party is the higher wage earner, the amount of support from a 50/50 timeshare would be significantly less than the same scenario, but with a 70/30 timeshare. The parent with most time would get support from the supporting spouse.


The Takeaway

While the amount of child support really depends on the income of both parties, timeshare can also significantly affect the amount as well. In most cases, a 50/50 timeshare is going to be less support that a 70/30 timeshare.


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