Elder Law


Senior citizens and their loved ones often have a wide range of legal needs. These legal needs and extralegal needs include:

  • Unexpected Incapacity
  • Long-Term Care Concerns
  • End-of-Life-Decisions
  • Eligibility of Public Benefits

My goal is to aid my elder clients maintain their assets and preserve their dignity and control as they age. This usually requires in-depth planning and focus on asset protection, planning for incapacity, and long-term care. In addition, I also represent people who are in every step of incompetency or conservatorship proceedings.

Disability can happen to anyone at anytime. So, it’s important for you to protect yourself and your family by establishing a well-designed estate plan. This serves a myriad of purposes in elder law, including: providing for loved ones, planning for incapacity, avoiding probate at death, avoiding or reducing estate taxes, and ensuring a provision for charitable organizations.



We aim to give our clients maximum protection of their assets while simultaneously prepping for issues that could arise as they grow older. In addition, we aim to help the adult children involved, as they inevitably will become involved with their parents, whether as caregivers or otherwise.

Our primary goal is to help the entire family and aid in planning for the unexpected and giving security and peace of mind. We also help families to access any assets and resources owed, so that our elder clients can have a comfortable retirement.



Just like families with a special needs member, their might come a time when your elder loved one is no longer capable of caring for themselves. If this hasn’t been planned for, it may be necessary to seek a conservatoship, in order to take over finances and care. (Check out more about conservatorships).

You can listen to our lawyer Patricia Van Haren talk about elder law in a podcast here.

If you want to ensure your a secure future for yourself and your loved ones, contact us today. We would love to discuss all of our options to protect your future.